This is an easy PWN challenge, le’s download the files provided(the binary and the LIBC database) and analyze the binary.

Description :

The webserver for this challenge is storing sensitive data in memory. Can you read it? Did anybody patch since 2014?.

We have a web server with the flag inside its memory and we must find a way to leak information from the memory.

reading the description we notice…

S0rry :

We get a zip file protected with a password, I used zip2john to convert it to hash then cracked it with john using rockyou.txt word-list.

the password is iamsorrymama ( weird password XD ), let’s extract the zip file and see what we get.

this is my writeup for the Reverse Engineering room on tryhackme

the link

at the start of the room we have some guidelines to follow

then we have 3 crackme challenges we have to solve in order to complete the room

Prerequisites :

1- basic understanding for assembly language

in this article i will be writing about the process of batching any binary by explaining a simple exe file example

we will be working with this game.exe file that expects input from the user and then validates (compare it with the…

this challenge is about exploiting a format string bug , the description says that the flag is hidden inside an environment variable.

there is no binary provided to us in this challenge , lets just connect to the remote host .

this is the last challenge from the Beginner Tutorial category

basically it is a programming skills test , in order to solve this challenge you must automate solving 500 math quiz , so lets start by analyzing the solution code.

we will be using pwn lib for this challenge …


at the very beginning there is a struct defined called auth with two element

name( 32 bytes size ) from type char and auth with the type int ( by default on 32 and 64 bit machines the type int has a 4 bytes size )

at the next…

assume you are writing some code and you wanted to use a certain function

well , there is two kinds of functions

  1. Internal Functions ( defined inside the actual code )
  2. External Functions ( defined into external libraries )

look at this code below

now all what this program does…

1- The STACK

we can define the stack by saying it is a linear data structure , when every program or executable is running it is been loaded in the memory , as we know every program has data to process and has functions , we can divide the data…

Mutawkkel Abdulrhman


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